I have officially made the change to making this blog all about photography and graffiti or art that influences me as an artist. VoiceOne is my art tag and I'm a Photographer, but I tend to add stupid fucking "creative writing" as well if I'm feeling "wise" or in other words high.

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Real HipHopHead Tee Giveaway

I’ve got a bunch of left-over shirts of the old heart design. So I’m going to give them away to some lucky followers! Here’s the sizes I have left:

One (1) 2XL, two (2) XL’s, four (3) Medium’s, two (2) Ladies Small's

I also have 5+ each of 4XL's and 5XL’s for the big fellas out there.

How you enter: You must be following the page. Like and reblog this post.  Feel free to comment in the reblog or on the photo with your shirt size (may increase your odds of winning!). You can reblog multiple times for multiple entries. I’ll announce a new winner every Monday for the next 10 weeks (final winner will be announced June 23rd)

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A night out. Bamberg, Germany


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I would say Sofles is my favorite writer’s favorite writer, but I’d be lying because he’s MY favorite.

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